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Find (athlete company) local real estate representative (territory licensee popup) We build businesses for active and retired professional athletes Partner with the Athlete Step 1: Founder’s Round Partner with the athlete Risk Adverse construction process Arbitrage Step 2: Seed Round Roll up assets and liabilities Identify and place investment opportunities under contract Create plan to scale Step 3: Series A File Regulation A+ Tier 2 public offering with the SEC for up to $75 million Close on Seed round contracts Capitalize projects Scale Reinvest profits into a diversified portfolio Real Estate Portfolio: All targeted real estate is purchased at a discount or swap for equity. Commercial/mixed Use: $25 million Residential (high rise and opportunity zone): $25 million Industrial: $15 million Sports: $10 million Diversified Investment Strategy: Reinvest profits from the real estate division into scalable products: Health Tech Fintech Sports Tech Consumer Goods Tax Investment Strategy Opportunity Zone Conservation Easements/Open space (youth sports facilities) Risk Management Strategy Our team consists of top level proven experts in real estate development, general liability and healthcare. Captive Insurance Self Insurance Alternative health General Liability Life Health Disability Loss of Value (Athlete specific)



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