360 Sports Real Estate

We build businesses for active and retired professional athletes

Partner with the Athlete

Step 1: Founder’s Round

  • Partner with the athlete
  • Risk Adverse
  • Arbitrage

Step 2: Seed Round

  • Roll up assets and liabilities
  • Identify and place investment opportunities under contract
  • Create plan to scale

Step 3: Series A

  • File Regulation A+ Tier 2 public offering with the SEC for up to $75 million
  • Close on Seed round contracts
  • Capitalize projects
  • Scale
  • Reinvest profits into a diversified portfolio

Real Estate Portfolio:

All targeted real estate is purchased at a discount or swap for equity.

  • Commercial/mixed Use: $25 million
  • Residential (high rise and opportunity zone): $25 million
  • Industrial: $15 million
  • Sports: $10 million

Diversified Investment Strategy:

Reinvest profits from the real estate division into scalable products:

  • Health Tech
  • Fintech
  • Sports Tech
  • Consumer Goods

Tax Investment Strategy

  • Opportunity Zone
  • Conservation Easements/Open space (youth sports facilities)

Risk Management Strategy

Our team consists of top level proven experts in real estate development, general liability and healthcare.

  • Captive Insurance
  • Self Insurance
  • Alternative health
  • General Liability
  • Life
  • Health
  • Disability
  • Loss of Value (Athlete specific)